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Okay, :icontwistedblood-phantom:
Her: "First of all, she's an attention whore. She did everything I did over the summer, tracing, lying ...but she did it 2 times worse, just to get atention. Another thing, she posed as an art thief here on DA and Facebook, as Evilsoul.. she kept saying that she was going to kill herself. Then she confessed. Did anyone hate her???? NO!! But when I did trace over the summer, everyone hated me.."

I didn't trace. lol  c: you're the only one I know whose traced and denied it. Did anyone hate me when I confessed? Yes, they're the whole reason I started hurting myself. And a few other people.

Her: "Oh, yeah, another thing.....Did you know her old OC's were rip-offs of the "Warriors" series????  An example: Tigerfrost, he looks and acts exactly like Tigerstar, she just changed the last part of his name and stuff.."

Nope, c: he doesn't act like Tigerstar at all. And by the way, it's Tigerfang. -.-

Her: "A lot of other people, and including me, say she does trace, and/or references (xXBloodyWarriorXx) 's art, but she makes it her so called 'style' of drawing...Oh yeah, don't let me forget that she >STOLE< Twistedblood from me and she made it Twistedsoul... The weird thing...she made her version look only SLIGHTLY different.. She uses people, steals OC's, and traces/references art without giving proper ownership. And if she does use someone (which is 90% of the time) she'll throw you away like you were nothing."

Nononono. xXBloodyWarriorXx's a better friend than you'll ever be. I'd never trace, steal, or reference from her.
I don't steal my fucking OC's. I feel like you stole OC's from me. Making them act, and look the same as Twistedsoul.
And I don't use people. Not like you. Look what you're doing. The only person here who's being betrayed is me.
I only posted a few things I disliked about you on Facebook and you go hurt me like this. It feels like I am being stabbed 60 times right now. I wish I was.

Her: "She is just an annoying 13 year old... she's a fucking pre-teen, she needs to act like one.
And did I tell you that she is a liar.. .a BAD liar at that...I don't even know if she ever tells the truth anymore....
Did you know, that if she threatened to kill herself back a few months ago, i'd cry my eyes out?... but now??? >HELL NO!!!!!!!<"

Same to you, you're older than me. You need to start acting your age too. You're an annoying 14 year old who overreacts to everything. I'm going to be the mean one now, you're just fucking annoying.
And please, do tell me how I have fucking lied?

Her: "I could care less anymore of what she does now.
She used me and a lot of other people too..... Yes, she might have one or two friends that she loves to death, but 90% of the time, she has "friends" that she uses to make her life better, and theirs worse. I know that a lot of you guys here on DA do like her, and I'm not saying she's using you... But on facebook, she's made people's lives a living hell"

I'm the one whose been used, bro. 'Yes, she might have one or two friends that she loves to death', they're gone. You've stole them by posting "FUCK YOU LEOPARDMOON DEATHCLAN!!!" about me on Facebook.
I haven't made anyone's lives a living hell. They're all the ones who've been horrible to me. Don't blame this on me. Dear God I don't even know what I am typing anymore.

"I once thought she was my best friend (I even considered her like my sister) but she betrayed me, and others....
If I had one wish.....I'd wish that it was April 2012 again...So I could still meet her, but we'd actually be friends instead of what we are now..
I miss the OLD nightwing..... her REAL self deep within her................."

I'm not going to say anything else, except finish this off with a big:


In reply to Twistedbitch-Phantom. by xXTwistedRainbows

/ ©2012-2016 xXTwistedRainbows
Desi-ShatteredGlass Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Shes Stupid...Don't listen too her. If she were really once your friend she wouldn't have said that. If you need to talk to someone talk to me I might not be on here so look up the page "Violetkit" or "Shay" I'll be on those and you can talk to me there:)
ResHusky Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Sometimes people just need to know that they have flaws and that if someone complains about them maybe they should try changing.
For them, they just need shooting in between the eyes
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